Portrait dolls are the most difficult to create. Capturing the heart and soul of your baby from pictures takes and enormous amount of time and skill. In the beginning, I began by painting portraits of people in my hometown. This was a valuable learning experience. With this experience, I began doing Police sketches based on a description by victims or witnesses while they were under hypnosis. At times, these sketches were heart wrenching to do, but it taught me a lot and sharpened my skills. Because portrait dolls are extremely time consuming and difficult to create, I will only do one or two portrait dolls a year. Parents have the option to purchase doll number #1…so doll number #1 may not always be available as the last doll to be sold in the limited edition.

Eliza, by Donna RuBert

About 5 years ago, I created a portrait doll of Denise and Nevin Pratt's daughter. As owners of Bountiful Baby, they created vinyl doll kits to be "reborned" by very talented artists.

Eliza is a very special Portrait Sculpt of Denise & Nevin's baby girl ...

Eliza Denise Pratt

(actual baby shown in the photo collages, below at 6 weeks old)

Real Baby

Baby Doll
Bundles of Love Reborned
by Melissa George

If you are interested in a Portrait Doll of your baby, please contact me.



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