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Donna RuBert - Doll Sculptor and Artist

Sculpting Sarah, my first full-bodied limited edition silicone doll. She will be available in a worldwide limited edition of five dolls and an artist proof (one copy), then the mold will be destroyed. Sarah will be professional molded by D-3 Creations using platinum cure Ecoflex silicone. Only the finest materials have been used.

• Copyright- My dolls are original creations and copyrighted with the Library of Congress

• Sarah will arrive in my designer box- Along with my signed birth certificate/parent registry.

My layette will be shown on our Ready to Adopt webpage which will include a very special hand painted baby rattle by Janan Duncan of My Forever Babies and a beautiful cocoon set by Carmen Menair, owner of Basket Babies.

Sarah will arrive in my designer box.

Janan Duncan of My Favorite Babies hand painted Sarah's baby rattle

Sarah's beautiful cocoon set was crafted by Carmen Menair, owner of Basket Babies



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  • We will begin by selling Sarah #2- followed by dolls #3, #4, and #5. The last doll to be sold in the limited edition will be Sarah #1.

  • Dolls already sold in this limited edition-

  • Payment method- PayPal (US Dollars), Western Union Money Order, or certified check.

All sales are final ... no refund or returns

  • Shipping- I will pay postage and insurance costs on addresses located in the United States. International buyers will be responsible for all shipping, handling, excise tax and insurance costs.

  • Parent Registry- Shown on my birth certificate will be a verifiable "parent registry" of each collector, who, at one time owned this doll. If somebody copies my limited edition dolls and tries to sell it as one of my original dolls, they cannot duplicate the parent registry because they will not know who originally purchased the doll or the other collectors who later bought this doll. The verifiable registry will not contain the collector's home address, but only contact information such as an e-mail address. This additional protection will help collectors verify that the doll from a sold out edition is an authentic Donna RuBert doll when buying the doll from someone other than from me.

  • Notification of Sales Date- You can provide your e-mail address and we will notify you when Donna RuBert dolls and paintings become available.

Please provide your e-mail address so we can notify you of the date when Sarah, and other Donna RuBert dolls, and my paintings become available.



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