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Donna RuBert - Doll Sculptor and Artist

         Every doll I have created over the past 28 years came alive in my imagination and from the inspiration of children. My Gallery of Previous Dolls contain just a few of the many, many dolls I sculpted. Doll companies, such as Bountiful Baby, Seymour Mann, Danbury Mint, Paradise Galleries, and The Doll Art Works mass produced my dolls and molds for collectors.

All my dolls are copyrighted with the Library of Congress

        Copyrights of each doll shown in the Gallery of My Previous Dolls webpage is either owned by the doll companies who purchased my sculpted dolls or the copyright ownership remains with me as the artist who created the dolls.

         Doll collectors around the world, no matter their culture, ethnicity, or beliefs, all speak the same language… the language of our love of dolls, and that makes us a family.

June was my very first doll!

She was sold in 1991 as a mold by the Doll Art Works to other artist who created porcelain dolls from these mold.


Shay was sculpted a few months later… she was unique to the doll world because she had an open mouth.

My newest silicone doll has a mouth that opens to show her sculpted gums and tongue. We as doll sculptors and artist have come a long ways in the past 25 years…

The Doll Art Work's Singers



Pin-up Girl



Washington Crossing the Delaware River


Chivo & Raven





The Cinco de Mayo Doll

First Love

Princess Diana

Mother Princesses

Belles of the Azaela Ball


Baby Bailey


The Home Shopping Network

Donna RuBert created and sold these dolls on The Home Shopping Network


Donna RuBert, Sculptor and Artist


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