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by Donna Rubert Dolls L.L.C.

Donna RuBert, sculpting Sarah
sculpting Sarah, my first full-bodied silicone doll

(my original dolls will be available from this website)


           In the beginning, I sculpted for doll companies, such as, Paradise Galleries, Seymour Mann, Danbury Mint, The Doll Art Works, and most recently for Bountiful Baby. Some of these beautiful dolls can be found on my gallery webpage of previous dolls. Now I’m sculpting for myself rather than for the mass market. I will be creating original, limited edition, full-bodied collectible silicone dolls, and portrait dolls
(I will sculpt a portrait of your baby to be made into a doll), in addition to creating other dolls and selling my paintings on this website.

          In the past when I finished sculpting a doll, I sent my sculptures to doll companies in the United States or reluctantly shipped it overseas to have vinyl or porcelain dolls made from my clay model. I don't mean to sound ungrateful ... I just want to enjoy painting and completing the dolls myself.

         Circumstances, meaning a sick husband and the need to support my family, made it necessary to work for the mass market instead of selling my own finish work. Working for the mass market is something I'm very grateful that I was able to do. For several years, I sculpted for Bountiful Baby, owned by Denise and Nevin Pratt, two of the finest people you will ever meet. First, I sculpted Sugar and Honey for them and later a portrait doll of their new baby, Eliza, among my many other dolls. Occasionally, I may create dolls again for the mass market, but that's not in my immediate plans.

         Milt, my beloved husband, lost his battle with Type One Diabetes in 2009. I was devastated ... a few years later, I met David and we married in 2015. How could I be so lucky to have two such wonderful men in my life. I am truly blessed. Although Dave does not have an artistic bone in his body, he helped create our company logo. We just completed the final stages in registering our logo with the Federal Trademark Office. David immediately saw my need to express myself through my art and being a compassionate man, he understood my needs not only to sculpt, but also to finish the dolls. So we got busy setting up our new company, Dunna Rubert Dolls, L.L.C., writing the website, trademarking our logo, and getting our shipping boxes printed.

         Then, other problems became clear. We sold my country home with its art studio when we married and although Dave's home sat on the waters edge of the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, there was no room for my studio. So we rented studio space, but it was over ten miles from home and frequently I wanted to sculpt in the wee hours of the night. This was a habit that Dave immediately squashed since he absolutely refused for me to get up in the middle of the night, drive across town by myself to work in a deserted building. So we sold Dave's house and bought a property to build a home that included a studio for me. In 2018 on Christmas Eve, our new home was ready. By now, it has been almost five years since putting out a new doll and I am anxious to get back to work. Losing a loved one and getting married again, not to mention all the moves took a lot out of me.

         Most of all, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have collected my dolls over the years. You have truly honored me!

All my dolls are copyrighted with the Library of Congress.

          Each of my dolls will be created in limited editions, and once the edition has been sold, the mold will be destroyed. All my silicone dolls will be created using the finest platinum cure silicone. My one-of-a-kind dolls will include an artist signed birth certificate showing a verifiable “parent registry” of each collector, who, at one time owned this doll. If someone copies one of my limited edition dolls and tries to sell it as one of my original dolls, they cannot duplicate the “parent registry” because they will not know who originally bought the doll or the other collectors who later purchased my doll. The verifiable registry will not contain the collector’s home address, but only contact information such as an e-mail address. This additional protection will help collectors verify that the doll from a sold out edition is an authentic Donna RuBert doll when purchasing the doll from someone other than me.


Copyright 2019. Donna Rubert Dolls, L.L.C. All rights reserved.